17 June 2007

Monsoon update

After a string of thunderstorms at the end of May and beginning of June, we’ve seen no rain for the past two weeks. On June 7th, the newspaper announced that the “stagnant monsoon may advance again” following a disruption by the cyclone in the Arabian Sea that hit Oman. On June 12th the prediction was that the monsoon may pick up again in three days. With still no rain, the humidity intensified and it seemed hotter and hotter with each passing day.

The past few evenings it really did look like the sky was going to open. On Friday night the wind picked up and dark clouds crossed the sky with occasional flashes of lightning. Yesterday the threatening clouds seem to appear and then disappear from nowhere and the evening was actually cool enough for long sleeves. This afternoon we had a sudden light sprinkling of rain which ended as soon as it started. It seems like the monsoon is playing hide and seek. The cooler temperatures are welcome though and children are taking advantage of the strong wind to play with their kites. Maybe it will rain tonight?

17 June: No rain
18 June: No rain
19 June: A few sprinkles
20 June: Light showers lasting about 15 minutes
21 June: Some light rain in the morning
22 June: It's been raining most of the day with varying intensity. The monsoon is definitely here!

Photo courtesy of www.cepolina.com

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