17 December 2007

Photo essay: Kalakshetra

Kalakshetra is a famous dance and music school located on a leafy campus in the south of Chennai. Meaning ‘temple of arts’, Kalakshetra was founded in 1936 and has become a renowned school for Carnatic music and Bharata Natyam, the Indian classical dance from Tamil Nadu.

(I apologize for the poor quality of these photos – they were taken five years ago with my first digital camera which I was trying to figure out!)


Ramesh Gandhi said...

I studied at Kalakshetra in the '70s, but your pictures look *exactly* the same as what I saw in your photographs. I've come to B'lore for 2 weeks, and it's lovely, cool -- and raining, just as it is in Chennai (but about 10 degrees cooler).

sandy said...

I love India, everything I've read and seen. I'm drawn to it.

I like your blog.


bhisham said...


Anonymous said...


Just stumbled into your site/blog while looking for info on Tibetan settlements in the South. Got totally carried away. What a wonderfully blessed person you are to experience the things you have and also capture the very essence and spirit of the people and the places you visit. I'll explain this point and the impact it had on me.

I also am an ex studnt of Kalakshetra and when I saw the pictures I immediatly felt an urge to break into a dance (Bharatanatyam of course) and I haven't danced in years! I am, even as I'm typing, thinking of going back for refresher classes and begin enjoying my lsot passion once again.

Thank you and may you continue to enjoy your unique and gifted life which the rest of us will vicariously thru you!
Warm wishes and safe travels always,
Anu. Naresh

Isabel said...

Hi Anu,

Thanks for visiting. I'm glad my post took you back to Kalakshetra! It's a magic place - you're lucky to have had the opportunity to live and study there!


chandran said...

kalakshathra photoview
really beautifull
my dream no:1