11 March 2008

Back to Belur

After descending 614 steps and leaving Gomateswara behind, we headed to Belur to see the Chennakesava temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. What's impressive about this temple is the magnificent carvings and sculptures covering the interior and exterior of the temple. Inside it was quite dark so I mostly admired the intricate carvings covering the outside of the temple. Compared to the Sun Temple of Konark, this temple is a lot better preserved, despite the fact that it is a century older.

The exterior of the temple is completely covered with intricate carvings.

A close-up reveals... horses, lions and elephants!

A close-up of the elephants.

There are also many dance sculptures. This is one example.

The third and last stop of this whistle stop temple tour was Halebid - the site of one of my favourite temples in India. A post and slide show of Halebid temple are coming soon...

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GMG said...

Hi Isabel, here I am, after another hectic week, to see some really wonderful pictures. This Belur post is incredible! Loved to see the close-up of the elephants...
I'm almost ending the "Loucos pela India". Unbelievable cases. My trip was not pathological, I think; wish it didn't become pathogenic... ;)))
So, for a change, I post on Oia and its fabulous sunset at Blogtrotter. Enjoy!
Have a great weekend!

Is «Isabel» somehow related with Portuguese?