05 March 2008

Colours of summer

The seasons in India seem to be in fast forward. The huge tree outside my window had lost all its leaves last month. The last leaf had barely fallen before I noticed new buds already appearing. In the space of 10 days the tree was in full bloom! The terrace is a shady oasis once again and the cats have come back to spend their afternoon siestas out of the sun. Temperatures now reach the 30s during the day but a gentle breeze keeps everyone cool and dry.

Bangalore is a riot of colours: bright pink, brilliant yellow, purple, red! Take a walk through the neighbourhood and enjoy the colours on offer:


Unknown said...

Fantastic colors!

GMG said...

From autumn to spring in ten days time, that's definitely fast... ;)
Loved to see your way down from Gomateswara. Great shots!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!! Makes me feel nostalgic. Thanks for sharing them :)