10 March 2008

Weird web searches

I've been looking outside my window and telling you about what I see for a year now, as this blog is just over a year old. Since then there have been over 25,000 visits!

Thanks to StatCounter, I can also see how visitors reach this blog, and for those who arrive via web searches, what they typed into google to get here. I thought I'd share some of the more funny, as well as just plain weird ones:

why do chipmunks make that annoying chirp noise

is unbelievably ugly and bad tasting. It looks exactly like sheep intestines turned inside out

how to make annoying squeaky sounds with a straw

could i see the red firework come out

woman sex perfume in India

large curtain window picture on the beach

successful marriage without horoscope matching possible

the monsoon season has started but still no rains poems

old indian vegetable market sounds

inside outside home plane for India

can i have septic tank in south west according to vaastu?

what is animal in thetop of pillor sabarimala temple in kerala

indian woolen freedom fighter hats

woolen hats from India

longhair banyan milk

volvo bus window shutters

what is a good and cheap 2 wheeler for females in india

india arranged marriage convent

what is hazelnut called in tamil

it’s red on the outside looks like a coconut, from the inside is white with little black seed


Unknown said...

Now I really want to know what's red on the outside looks like a.... :)

Unknown said...

Oh I just noticed..nice picture..very cute puppies :)!