31 May 2009

Then & Now

I came across a beautiful website featuring old postcards of India and other countries in Asia called Images of Asia.

I especially like the old pictures of tradesmen practicing their trade on the roadside. These trades still exist and many of them are still carried out on the city roads and sidewalks.

I went through my photo collection to find more contemporary representations of some of these tradespeople:

A shoemaker (mochi) then

A shoemaker (mochi) now

A fruit seller then

A fruit seller now

A street sweeper then

A street sweeper now

A tailor then

A tailor now

A dhobi (washerman) then

A dhobi (washerman) now

A barber then

A barber now


Anonymous said...

You have a wonderful blog. Looking forward to more posts.


Shahina said...

Very interesting ... refreshing subject picked from the daily mundane chores....

Anonymous said...

I think there are very modern salons and barber shops now than the "now"picture in your blog.

Isabel said...

Hi Anonymous,

Yes, there are of course many modern hair salons and barber shops. The focus here was on 'pavement trades'. That's the wonderful paradox of India!

roma said...

Very interesting read! Loved the Then Vs Now comparison.

Chitra said...

Great pics. I'm enjoying your blog posts - you have a refreshing take on things.


Nina said...

I love your blog - it was mentioned on Indiamike.com and I can't get enough of your posts! You are truly a blessed writer. If my husband ever lands in B'lore (we're in NYC now and he's looking for something in India) I would definitely love to meet you! OX and keep up the good work!

Isabel said...

Thank you Anjali! I hope to meet you soon in Bangalore!

Meghana said...

Hey Isabel,

Very nice post...loved the old pictures which u have posted!

Anonymous said...

love your blog.. was just browsing when I stumbled on your Nagaland Blog. Been hooked since then..