25 September 2009

Durga puja

All of India is in the midst of the most important festival season. In Bangalore schools are closed for the ten days of Dasara and the streets and markets are busy with shoppers. With Diwali only two weeks away, I have a feeling this will extend into a non-stop month-long party.

In North India, this festival is celebrated as Navaratri which runs for nine days, while in Bengal it is Durga Puja, the most important festival for Bengalis. Artisans work for months to sculpt and paint life-size statues of the goddess Durga. Each family or community buys an idol to worship during the festival before immersing it in a river or lake.

There is an intriguing collection of images of artisans in Calcutta working on the idols here. If you liked that, you can see more here.


Iniyaal said...

Nice Image. Your posts have an interestingly perspective of India.
Navratri is celebrated in the South as Kolu. Kolu is the display of hand made clay dolls in steps, show casing the evolution of God's creation.
If you have not yet seen these kolus, please check out my blog - http://artbeautysociety.wordpress.com/2009/09/22/kolu/

Roma said...

Liked the image very much.

Unknown said...


That image will look great once painted.....its Bengali's main festival "SHARODIYODURGOTSAV" or "The Autumn Festival"!!!
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