28 January 2010

Cycling through Mandu

The road to Mandu leads through lush green countryside and then upwards through the forests of the Vindhya Mountains. We arrived at a gate to this fortified city and crossed into another time and place.

We found enchanted lakes and the ruins of majestic mogul palaces, mosques and pavilions. These were built between 1401 and 1529 by the Sultans of Malwa who called it Shadiabad, the city of joy.

What better way to explore Mandu’s 23 square kilometres than by bicycle? There was little traffic and the leisurely pace allowed us to soak in the fresh air and lush countryside.

Mandu is considered to be one of India’s most romantic and picturesque sites. But all the guidebooks unanimously recommend that the best time visit is during the monsoon – considered to be the most romantic season in India!

I had another Kodak moment that didn’t happen in Mandu. Many men in Madhya Pradesh wear huge, colourful turbans. I saw two men go by on a motorcycle. They were wearing turbans: one was neon green… and the other fuchsia! But before I could reach for my camera, they were gone!


Desisoccermom said...

Lovely photos Ann. I have been to Mandu a couple of times but never had a camera to click such gorgeous pics. Thank you for another trip down memory lane. :)

Did you see the Rani Rupmati ka mahal (palace) and did a local or guide show you how the Mughal conqueror (i forget his name) was able to see Rupmati through a bunch of mirrors from far away?

Meghana said...

Hello Isabell,

Very nice pictures!

Akshata Karanth said...

One way am glad Mandu is not high on the tourist radar. It makes this beautiful village more enjoyable. The heritage this place carries was quite a revelation for I knew nothing about Mandu till I actually planned a trip here.

Did anyone point out to the tomb in Mandu which inspired Emperor Shahajan to build the world famous Taj Mahal? Also the Rani Roopmati Pavillion was built in a record 48 hrs .. hard to get over that fact..

Shubha said...

Its amazing the reach of these Emperors.Across India,in every tiny village or town you will find their forts,a summer palace,or a tomb and it can take you back in time to what India must have looked like in those days.