12 January 2010

Madras magic

I just got back from Chennai (Madras). The Chennai December Season has become an annual pilgrimage for me. I have been attending it almost every year since 2002!

For two months the city pulses to the sounds of music and dance. The atmosphere is magic and it is an event that every lover of Carnatic music and Indian classical dance looks forward to. This is an opportunity to see all the great musicians and dancers as well as upcoming artists.

What better way to start the year than the Madras Music Academy Dance Festival? It runs for a week at the beginning of January. The Hindu has published a series of photographs from the festival. I am featuring some here. To see more, visit the following links:



Photos © The Hindu


Anu said...

Sigh! That brings on a surge of nostalgia - of my dance teacher and the dance lessons we had. (I used to learn Bharatanatyam).

There is an old tamil film called "Salangi Oli" - about a classical dancer - try see it if you can.

Rose said...

Sounds like an awesome movie! I love this blog. I long to visit India someday!! It has really fascinated me lately and the clothes, music, and culture are gorgeous.

Shubha said...

I will not miss the festival next year..come what may!