21 December 2011

Nature’s perfect drink

One of my favourite drinks is tender coconut water. Tender coconuts are young, green coconuts and are on sale on almost every street corner in every city in South India. The coconut water is slightly sweet and a refreshing drink on a hot day.

I often see heaps of green coconuts piled up on the sidewalk or on a cart by the roadside. The seller uses a small machete to hack away the husk and then uses the tip to make a small hole in the top where he inserts a straw.

Once you’ve finished drinking the water (I’ve discovered that even small coconuts can contain a lot of water!) the seller will chop the coconut in half so that the flesh can be eaten. He cuts away a piece of the husk which is used as a type of spoon to scoop up the flesh. The flesh is soft and jelly-like and delicious. (Above image: Wikimedia Commons)

You can also ask for a ‘parcel’ and take tender coconuts home with you. In this case, a hole won’t be made in the husk after it’s hacked away. With the tip of the machete, a thin strip of the husk is cut on each coconut and then they’re tied together so that you can easily carry them home! Once home, I use a knife to cut a hole and then empty the liquid into a pitcher. If I don’t do this right away, the exposed husk gets tougher and afterwards it’s too difficult to cut a hole! Then I put the pitcher in the fridge because I think tender coconut water tastes best cold.

Coconut water is also the ideal drink because it’s good for you. It contains sugars, fibre and protein and provides vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. It’s also an isotonic drink, similar to a sports drink, because it contains electrolytes. (Above image: Wikimedia Commons)

No wonder I feel instantly refreshed after having some tender coconut water. This is nature’s perfect drink!


Drifting Thoughts said...

Coconuts are very nutritious,especially the jelly like tender flesh is the healthiest.Though studies in the west have made the coconut a villain causing people to believe it increases cholesterol, it isnt so.
Tip:Just take a cotton ball,and dab the tender coconut water on your face and wash off later.excellent for skin:)

Isabel said...

True! Coconuts and coconut oil get a lot of bad press - but the flesh, water, oil have a lot of good, healtlhy properties. No plant foods have cholesterol - many people don't know that!

Tricia said...

Your pictures and writing always brings a smile to my face! Thank you for making us feel like we are there...

Anoop said...

I am from Mauritius and we mauritians as well love to drink naaryal pani!!! So refreshing and nutritious, be it at the seaside or at home... Btw we also use coconut water for prayers as well.