12 May 2012

This morning outside my window

From my kitchen window I’ve been watching the progress of the construction of a new building over the past few months.

This morning I watched as this painter was putting some finishing touches on the newly painted façade. As you can see, he’s seated on a wooden platform attached to a rope which descends from the roof. On the roof is someone securing the rope.

The painter yelled “DOWN!” (in English) whenever he was ready to move down to the next level. As the rope gradually slackened, he would slowly ease down the façade. When he reached the spot where he wanted to be, he yelled “BAS!” (enough).

He looked like he was in a precarious position, sitting on that wobbly platform and suspended in the air like that. I imagine he had complete trust in the person holding the rope!

This used to be the view from my kitchen window. Soon I’ll have new neighbours watching me through their windows!


Elizabeth Petrosian said...

How much is rent over there going to be? You'd think they'd like to have a strange Italo-American family living there? ;-)

It's funny about "bas" meaning "enough." In Italian it's "basta." Hmmm....

Isabel said...

Hi Liz, Yes I've often thought of the bas-basta thing. Interesting isn't it?

kc said...

Oh you're getting new neighbors too? There is a building coming up across from me on a tiny plot and I'll have no privacy on three sides now! Bangalore's getting too crowded with buildings coming up at random everywhere with no setbacks!