27 September 2012

Some gold with your dosa?

Dosas are a favourite South Indian snack. There are many types of dosa: Plain dosa. Masala dosa. Paper dosa. Rava Dosa. Set Dosa. Ragi Dosa. Neer Dosa.

And now there’s gold dosa. That’s what a restaurant in Bangalore is offering on its menu! This crispy dosa made of the usual rice and lentil batter comes covered in a thin layer of gold foil.

Why gold dosa? It appears that the restaurant owner wanted to do something different to attract clients. Of course he has a certain type of client in mind: a gold dosa costs 1,011 rupees (15EUR/19CAD/19USD/12GBP/), about 20 times more expensive than a simple, plain dosa. Not only is this gold dosa ISO certified, the restaurant owners have plans to patent it.

It may look nice, but who would eat a gold dosa? I’m not sure, but according to this article, the gold dosa is a big hit. For those who prefer silver, the restaurant also serves a dosa covered with silver foil, for the more moderate price of 151 rupees.

Food covered in precious metals is not a new thing in India. Many Indian sweets are covered in silver foil or Varakh (which, I add here as an aside, is made by pounding silver between sheets made of sheep intestines. Which sounds pretty gross in addition to the fact that by eating Varakh you’re eating, well, metal).

This trend seems to be catching on. A restaurant in Chennai has introduced gold appams. Perhaps many more eateries will want to cash in on this golden business opportunity!

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