07 August 2014

I’ll be back

It’s been just over a year now. Since I left India.

Sometimes I wonder how I got here.

How did I manage to leave India?

I had always said that someone would have to drag me away kicking and screaming. But it didn’t quite happen that way.

Then I remember. It was on a Qatar Airways flight and I was with my friend R. I was so relieved when I found out we would be on the same flight. This made the departure so much easier for me. It was just the departure that was hard, the physical removal, la déchirure. Once we were airborne it was OK and I could breathe. I had managed to leave India.

On to new adventures.

And life is not so bad. I survived.

But I’ll be back. India is calling me.

So don’t abandon this blog because when I go back to India I’ll be sharing the colours, sights and sounds I see, hear and experience again.

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More soon!


Karaika said...

Great! Welcome back! I missed you and India - even I've been there this year for 2 month.
Karaika from Berlin, Germany

dani said...

Great news!
Your blog is amazing.
All the best.

Sankar said...

Yours is one of the less than half a dozen blogs that I retained to my new feed reader, after Google Reader went. Welcome back to India and blogging :-)

Donna said...

I left India(Mumbai) 4 years ago when my daughter turned one. The itch to return is so strong. We go back at least once a year to visit family. It's SO much easier to visit than to live in India but I miss it a lot.

Magda lena said...

I can't wait for new posts. I just dicovered your blog recently and I think it's great.

Isabel said...

Thanks Magda. I'm preparing new content now and this will be up in the next day or two! Come back again very soon...