21 February 2015

A place I love: Vegan Bites in Mumbai

Photo courtesy of Vegan Bites
While I was in Mumbai I had the chance to spend time with my friends Samir and Hemali and have some amazingly good food. They run their own business called Vegan Bites, a catering service that prepares healthy, 100% vegan meals which are delivered to Mumbai’s busy office workers six days a week...

Aloo tikki made with love

The meals prepared here are vegan which means they don’t contain any kind of animal products like eggs, milk, butter, ghee, etc. but they are also completely oil-free. They have an amazing roster of yummy healthy recipes and the dishes they prepare are rotated so that each day the lunch provided is completely different.

I spent a morning in their busy kitchen and watched their employees chop, slice, grate, cook and pack the lunches before the dabbawallahs arrived on their bicycles to make their deliveries. 

I was impressed by how clean and efficient everything is, and how organised Samir and Hemali are, planning the menu for the week in advance and ordering all the ingredients they need, sourcing only the freshest produce and as many organic ingredients as possible. It’s nice to see that there is an option for people who want to eat healthy, plant-based food. 

Samir and Hemali also welcome vegan travellers passing through Mumbai to stop by their kitchen for a healthy vegan lunch. They just have to call ahead and a meal will be reserved for them.
Vegan Bites won an award from PETA! Photo courtesy of Vegan Bites.

Contact Vegan Bites via their Facebook page.


anonymous said...

Absolutely fabulous photos of what looks like delicious food! I particularly have my eye on the veg cutlets and wonder what they use as a cooking medium. Please tell if you can.

Also, the historical houses brought back many memories as I was in Bangalore even before the high rises first went up. So many beautiful rememberances.

Regards Susan

Vegan Bites said...

We use either roasted peanuts or coconut as cooking medium because they leave their natural oil..