22 April 2007

New colours and sounds

For those who haven’t visited for the past week or so, you’ll notice that my blog has a new look and colour scheme. The site has only been on-line for a few weeks and as I learn more about templates and widgets, HTML, feeding and embedding, this blogging thing is becoming easier.

You’ll also notice that I’ve finally added audio clips under ‘Listen to the sounds of India’ in the right sidebar. You can listen to the song of the birds that wake me up each morning, children singing during a Carnatic music lesson in Chennai (Madras), temple priests chanting Sanskrit shlokas while pouring milk over a statue of Ganesh at the Brihadeeshwara temple in Tanjore (Thanjavur), the sounds of a crowd at a street demonstration in Madurai, and (one of my favourites) the sound of railway vendors walking up and down the platform and yelling out whatever it is they’re selling: kaapi (coffee), chaiya (tea), vada (a South Indian snack), recorded during a stop at Ramanathapuram station in Tamil Nadu during a train trip to Rameswaram.

Many thanks go to Gone India for making this blog its ‘link of the month.’

I hope you enjoy the website and please don’t be shy to leave a comment – it’s always nice to know who’s reading!

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