05 June 2007

Holy cow

A cow lives on my street. She works for Gemini granite and marble. For most of the day she stands or lies outside the courtyard where all the slabs of granite and marble are kept. Her job is to pull a cart, once it’s loaded up with these stone slabs, around the corner to the workshop on the main road.

Her keeper takes good care of her. He brings her food in buckets. Mostly straw and some kind of grain. He also brings her water to drink. When it’s hot he sprinkles water on her and at night a small fire keeps the flies and mosquitoes away. He also changes her shoes from time to time.

I call her Belga because her horns are painted in the same colours as the Belgian flag.

Meet Belga:


Tracy said...

This post just touched my heart. I love to see healthy animals in India, and know that they are loved and well taken care of!
Thank you for posting this Isabel!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I come here often from Nancy Gandhi's blog. The pics and posts are interesting.
Just for info - Belga is a bullock.

Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

Hi, I hopped over from Sandy's blog (http://dustyducktales.blogspot.com/)
I enjoyed reading your descriptions and viewing your photos. I will be back to catchup. I happened to see an entry called "Holy Cow", which by an interesting coincidence was the name of my blog entry yesterday! BTW, I think it is a bull in the pictures, not a cow. :)

Anonymous said...

That's a BULL

Isabel said...

For the record:

noun ( ANIMAL )

[C] a male cow, or the male of particular animals such as the elephant or the whale

So it's a cow. And a bull. Two names for the same thing. End of story.