14 October 2007

Todi the cat

There’s a little cat that visits my terrace. She used to come with her mother and five other brothers and sisters but I haven’t seen the others for a while. This cat is half-tabby, half ginger-coloured and about four or five months old. She also wears white 'socks' and a white 'bib'.

She’s friendly and playful but also has a contemplative nature. She spends her days watching the crows nesting in the big tree, trying to catch butterflies, and playing hide and seek behind the plants with another cat with a fluffy tail. She also likes to just hang out and watch the world go by.

Notice how her nose is half black, half orange.

In the mornings I find her sleeping on the garden chairs. I named her Todi, like the morning raga.

1 May 2008: R.I.P Todi Cat

Sad news: Poor little Todi cat was hit by a car or motorcycle. Her injuries were severe and she had to be put to sleep. Rest in peace dear Todi cat.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Cats...!!!
Hope she is alive and well as cats seems to be having a bit of a hard time in India ..non?

GMG said...

Hi Isabel, thanks for your visit and comment to Blogtrotter 70s & 80s. Those (and 90s) are the predigital pictures. The more recent (though a bit late) may be seen at Blogtrotter...
Must confess that cats are not my favourites, but this looks nice!
Enjoy your week

Isabel said...

For those who have asked about cats in India: they seem to keep a low profile, preferring to linger in gardens, courtyards, rooftops and terraces away from the stray dogs and cars and trucks and mostly wander out at night. Todi has been a regular visitor. Usually she eats what I give her and then takes off again or just hangs out on the terrace or roof with other cats. Lately she's been taking long afternoon naps on my couch. I don't see her much at night. She also gets fed by other neighbours but is usually always in the vicinity. A vet is coming on Saturday to give her her shots and I will ask him about getting her sterilized. Todi's mom has given birth twice already and she hasn't been around for a while so I suspect she probably has a new litter hidden somewhere.

Anonymous said...

he look very nice to me this cat
i don t take pictures of country who like cat ,but simply people who like cat ,thank for your answer
maybe one day i will take pictures of you and one cat