06 December 2007

Pink winter

Pleasing: The exotic ‘Tabebuia impetiginosa’ heralds the winter with splashes of pink, as it blooms across Bangalore city. Photo: K. Murali Kumar © Copyright 2000 - 2007 The Hindu

In summer, Bangalore is painted red. In winter, it's pink!

Despite it's rapid growth and development, Bangalore remains a green city. I love the huge, mammoth trees which line the streets. What's magical about them is that most of them flower. Each season brings a new colourful surprise.

When I got back after being away for three weeks, I discovered that the city has been painted a brilliant pink! I learned from the paper that this magical tree is called Tabebuia Impetiginosa. There's one on my street.

I've collected some of the flowers to float in my urli.


Anonymous said...

Hi Isabel,
I often read your blog, but commenting for the first time. I moved out of Bangalore, my hometown about 4 years ago and I love reading your observations and comments about the city. The Tabebuias are one of the many things I really miss. Look out for the same flowers in bright yellow too, they are so beautiful!

Isabel said...

Thanks for visiting Vibha! I'm glad you can experience a little bit of Bangalore through these pages.