19 December 2007

Rainy days in Chennai

Dazzling NIGHT: Pedestrians and motorists were pleasantly surprised when it rained on Monday evening. Though a short spell, it left the residents pleased and provided a soothing finish to the unusually breezy day. A scene on Poonamallee High Road in Chennai on Monday. PHOTO: K. PICHUMANI © Copyright 2000 - 2007 The Hindu

As the above caption from yesterday's The Hindu newspaper reveals, rain is considered to be a blessing from the skies. At least that's how it was welcomed on Monday evening... but since then it's been pouring rain!

Yesterday morning as I was waiting for the rain to let up, the building's security guard warned me that "full rain will come today, Madam." "News," he added with a knowing bob of his head, revealing the source of the day's weather forecast. The rain continued all night, and this morning it's been raining sporadically.

These showers have been brought on by the 'north-east monsoon' which usually affects this part of India towards the end of the year. The rains affect many aspects of daily life. Schools have been closed today. Traffic jams are common and big puddles make walking on the street difficult. Auto-rickshaw drivers increase their fares by 100%. The paper also revealed that the wholesale price of vegetables has dipped due to delay in the arrival of goods from other states.

Audience numbers are also bound to be affected now that the music season is in full swing. But for some music and dance lovers, the rain is not enough to keep them away!


GMG said...

Don't like rain that much, but it seems that it's much needed. Couldn't it be arranged to pour down while people sleep? ;)))
Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

Short spells of rain make the weather more humid. I don't like that at all!