19 March 2008

Halebid temple

In the last of the temple trilogy, today we visit Halebid temple. This is one of my favourite temples in India. Like Belur temple, it is extremely well preserved and the interior and exterior are completely covered with beautiful sculptures and carvings of deities, animals, dancers and musicians.

Some renovation work is going on.

These mats protect visitors’ feet from the hot stone floors which had soaked up the sun’s rays all day long.

Take a walk through Halebid temple:


Unknown said...

Where is this temple located?

Isabel said...

Thanks for visiting Danie. The temple is in Halebid, Karnataka.

Mari-Liis said...

Pics are fantastic!

Anonymous said...

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Kit said...

Thank you for another wonderful post, Isabel. Did you have time to visit the Belur Math when you were in that area. I've been reading some about Ramakrishna and Vivekananda, so that is why I ask.

Thanks for sharing your experiences so generously.


GMG said...

Hi Isabel (beautiful name, even if not Portuguese... ;)))
Great post again. Another one for my list. With all the temples and Forts to see in India, how am I going to manage??
Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter, where I finished my Greek Islands 2006 adventure with a post on Cretan Towns! Since it's Easter time, also made a post with some lousy pictures on Easter in Prague (1997) at Revival 90s.
Enjoy your Easter Eggs and have a great weekend!

Isabel said...

Thanks for all the comments!

Kit, I think you're referring to Belur Math in Calcutta. Belur in Karnataka, South India is famous for its temple. See my previous post 'Back to Belur'.

Happy Easter / Eid / Holi everyone!

Rahul said...

exquisite sculpture... Hoysalas are epitome of intricate and detailed design...nice photograph of the pillar

Sridevi said...

Very nice blog and great pictures :-)i liked the way you present it:-) ,for more information about halebid temples visit following link:http://www.ijaunt.com/karnataka/halebidu