08 May 2008

Election fever

Photo © The Times of India

In the run-up to this weekend's state elections, campaigners are making last-minute appeals to voters through loudspeakers perched on vans or auto-rickshaws circling the city's neighbourhoods. The sale of alcohol is banned for 48 hours, in an effort to keep voters level-headed on election day. This photo in today's Times of India reveals some of the more ingenious methods used to attract votes!


Kit said...

Dear Isabel,

Thank for another series of great entries. Your one about the elections in India brought to mind a conversation I had a couple of weeks ago with a young friend from Hyderabad. He told me that entire election period lasts only 3 months in India. That seems very enlightened and sane when I compare to the extended, tiresome and highly expensive campaigning in the United States. We have much to learn from India in many areas.

All the best to you,


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GMG said...

Amazing picture!
Also loved the Auroville series...

BTW: Are you a Casablanca fan?

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow!

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