28 June 2008

Read the sign!

Outside a temple in Chennai.

The garbage here won't I throw.

Hmm... despite this, people garbage throw the here!

Yet someone always seems to be sitting here! (Mylapore, Chennai)

Senior Citizens Park, Defence colony, Bangalore.

'ONLY' is a favourite word in the Indian vernacular. As in:
"I'm from Bangalore only." or, "I came this morning only."

At the Tibetan monastery in Bylakuppe.

The Laughter Club meets here every morning from 6:30 to 7:30 (only)!


Unknown said...


Sherri said...

Hi there! Yes, I like "only" also. And "just" is a good one too. "I'm just going tonight". But there is a certain accent on the just that makes it a favorite of mine.

Rodwellian said...

I think a laughter club sounds like a brillant idea.

Meghana said...


i read the horn one also,ya its true in europe i also hardly saw anyone blowing the horn whereas in India people blow horn sometimes just for fun.I remember my school days when i was in M.P , my school rickshaw use to come to pick up for school and he use to blow the horn outside my house,and that was signal for us to come out and board the rickshaw for school.

And that was the tradition in our entire colony all rickshaw use to come and just blow horns continuously.:)

now after staying abroad how things are so different.