04 June 2010

Tuesday holiday

The first day of June is an important day in South India. Traditionally it’s the first day of school after the two-month summer break. June 1st is also the day when the south-west monsoon is expected to set in over Kerala, bringing cool air and relief from the stifling heat as it travels northwards over much of the country.

This year the monsoon didn’t start on June 1st, and neither did school. The monsoon arrived in Kerala on May 31st: one day early. Schools however, opened one day late, on June 2nd.

While the monsoon’s arrival is affected by weather conditions and pressure systems, the first day of school was subject this year to the influence of the stars and planets.

Why did schools open one day later than usual? Because June 1st 2010 was a Tuesday. Tuesday is not considered to be an auspicious day in India. Tuesdays are associated with the planet Mars which is believed to have a negative influence. So Tuesday is not a good day to start new things, like a school year.

It’s also considered a bad day to get your hair cut. Some barber shops close on Tuesdays because they get few customers. If you’re not superstitious this could be the best day to get a haircut: you won’t have to wait! But if you’re not happy with the result the barber can say it’s not his fault; blame it on the stars!

I did a bit of web research on Vedic astrology and discovered that there are a host of other things you should or should not do according to the day of the week:

DO initiate discussions and negotiations with government officials.
DO eat mung dhal.
DON’T engage in commercial activities.
DON’T move into a new house.
DON’T do any strenuous activity or argue.

DO move into a new house.
DO make marital arrangements.
DO go to the doctor.
DO engage in betting and sports-related activities.
DO wear white.

DO engage in any activity requiring your intellectual faculties.
DO take an early morning journey.
DO plant trees.
DO wear green clothes.
DO eat beans.
DO NOT cause problems at work.
DO NOT start new ventures.

DO try to find anything you lost.
DO start new ventures or studies.
DO visit temples.
DO eat papaya.
DO NOT travel.

DO buy a new car, jewellery or a new house.
DO start medical treatment.
DO start charitable work.
DO travel.

DO attempt to solve legal problems.
DO buy food staples or horses.
DO dig wells.
BONUS: Any work initiated in the morning carries a high possibility of success!


laurenne said...

Thank you. This is so interesting. You're making me want to move to India. What a beautiful culture.

Dev said...

The astrologers are absolutely correct. It is auspicious to initiate negotiations with Govt. officials on a Sunday because doing so on weekdays is clearly inauspicious. Also, I would caution that one must eat beans on a Wednesday only after work: otherwise, it might cause unintentional problems at work, which, as they correctly note, we must avoid.

Akshata Karanth said...

I never understood the Tuesday phenomenon. As you may know each day is dedicated to a main deity in India. Tuesday is supposed to be that of Lord Ganesha-the remover of obstacles. Then why is it a bad day? Also I wonder if this Tuesday affair is limited just to Bangalore/ Karnataka. Tuesday is an important day in Mumbai. Its the day of Siddhi Vinayak (a Ganesha temple). People WALK from far and wide as early as 4:00AM to stand in the queue for a darshan.

JGui said...

As I wanted to move in my new house on Saturday or Sunday I feel very disappointed... :(

And now I understand why it's not allowed by the residence security to move in on Sunday, thank you!

shubha said...

Tuesday being inauspicious is so ingrained in us that I stop my husband from going for a haircut on tuesday.
For both my pregnancies,my mom consulted the panchangam to find out what day would be good to get induced for delivery.She would not let us book flight tickets for a tuesday departure.
I guess for us its just a habit but for the older generation,they take it very seriously,and since its not a big deal ,but it is for them, we just
go with it if it gives them peace of mind and makes them happy.

Sonix said...

Hey! You Missed the Tuesday.
Bytheway nice blog.

Unknown said...

I am also confused about tuesday. Even a few of them in my family say that tuesday is the unlucky day and shouldnt start a new work on this day (moving to a new house,hair cut,wearing new clothes,shop). I was born on Tuesday and we perform mangala gowri pooja on tuesdays.Can anyone explain what is so bad about tuesday?????????