03 November 2010

Getting ready for Diwali

Diwali - or Deepavalli - is just around the corner and there's a feeling of anticipation in the air. Everyone seems to be getting ready for India's biggest and most important festival. Shops are decked out with everything needed for this festive occasion, including colourful paper lanterns and decorations.

Diyas or clay lamps are for sale on every street corner in all shapes and sizes.

And in every colour too! These will be filled with oil and lit for this festival of light.

Starting tomorrow night, Diwali will be celebrated for five nights...

Diwali also means fireworks. These are also for sale everywhere. (This is the part of Diwali I don't like because of the incredible noise and air pollution!)

This is also a time to buy new clothes and gifts. Shops are offering special Diwali discounts.

A very Happy Diwali to all my readers!


Veganosaurus said...

Beautiful, colorful photographs as always Isa! :)

kc said...

Happy Diwali to you too!

Ajay K said...

Nice to see something special again. simply luv "india outside my window".

Keep it up.

Happy Diwali to you

Ajay K

50 foot QE said...

I am a Windian mom who still can't get used to Diwali. My daughter is frightened when we go to fire work parties and we end up leaving early at the dismay of our relatives and friends.

I get really frightened when I see the little tiny children playing with the fire works!

But love the rangoli.

Such a lovely blog you have!

Isabel said...

Thanks for all your comments. I'm a little late replying... Hope you all had a happy Diwali!

Ranjana said...

I hear you! Thanks for the pictures; this is the first time I'm spending Diwali outside India, and somewhere I feel a little sad, though I am having a great time.