15 February 2013

Watermelon season

I love watermelon season. I noticed that Bangalore has two watermelon seasons. The first starts sometime in January. That’s when these huge piles of watermelons show up on the city’s sidewalks.

At night the piles are covered with big tarpaulins and I’ve seen lights and heard coughs coming from underneath, which means that the sellers must sleep with their watermelons (or pay someone to) – to prevent them from disappearing during the night!

They cost 20 rupees per kilo. Or less if you’re good at bargaining.

Another surprising thing is that any watermelon you choose is sure to be sweet and juicy.

Temperatures are starting to rise to the 30s now, and there’s nothing more satisfying than some fresh watermelon on a hot day!


Unknown said...

The pile reminds me of my vacations at my village. My uncle would throw us kids over piles of tender cocunuts in a huge godown and we would spend the next half an hour to one hour, tripping and struggling our way out of the pile... :)

Shubha said...

I also notice that a lot of people in Bangalore eat fresh fruits on the streets,especially people from the lower economic strata.Its the best way for them to get some vitamins for less since its unaffordable for them to buy whole fruits.
A good habit,which hopefully they will continue to follow.

Indian Bazaars said...

Isabel, it was really good to see this post! I've been wanting to photograph the watermelons on the street since two years now! Glad that you did!