About my window

Welcome to my window!

I started writing this blog when I moved to Bangalore, South India in January 2007 and continued until my departure in July 2013. Rather than writing about my personal life, I had decided from the start that the focus of this blog would be directed outside my window, on the sights, sounds and colours I saw and heard.

I no longer live in India full-time but I do return every year for a few months at a time, and while I’m in India (and perhaps even when I’m not in India), this blog will continue. I have given it a new focus and direction. I will still be sharing the sights, sounds and colours of India, but in response to the many queries I receive about travelling to India and places to stay, I’ll be including regular travel tips and recommendations in the new ‘India Travel Tips’ and ‘Places I Love’ sections.

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If you would like to contact me via email, drop me a line at: isabel@indiaoutsidemywindow.com

When I’m not in India, I live in Istria, a beautiful region of Croatia and blog at Istria Outside My Window.